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Automotive Glass

Automative Glass Restoration

We can help maintain the original DNA of your Classic Car.

The Process

  1. remove the window or windscreen, protect it and pack it in a secure box (preferably wooden)
  2. send it to us or deliver your glass to: Glass Surface Solutions, Unit 11, Bizspace, 8 Lombard Rd, SW19 3TZ.
  3. we video record unpacking and polish the glass
  4. Kite Mark replacement if requested and stocked
  5. we video record the finished glass
  6. we video packing the glass in the original box
  7. online payment or over the phone, box is returned to sender


Toughened Glass
Quatre panel £125
Side window £235
Rear screen £355
Float Glass Windscreen
6.5mm or greater thickness sub 1m² £440
4.5mm – Price dependent on shape


“After significant restoration work It is always frustrating refitting the damaged original windows, Vetrox were able to polish the side windows out of a client’s TR4 back to a near new finish, an exceptional service that I would highly recomend ”.

Christopher Howard,

Classic Triumph Sports Cars

You Deliver or We Collect

You can deliver to our Unit in SW19 or we can collect for a mileage fee.

In Situ Auto Glass Polishing

  • Light scratches on windscreens only, like wiper marks or cleaning scratches.
  • Not the internal surface of windscreens, the angles are generally too tight.
  • We do not resin pits or chips on windscreens. Our testing indicates that the advanced mechanized injection system that Autoglass use delivers a finish that is difficult to match.
  • Our In Situ polishing rates are less if the polishing is done at our premises
  • Damage within 25mm of edges cannot be polished out.


  • most pits and hot works damage cannot be polished out
  • due to the difficulty of feathering on small areas generally Kite marks will be polished out
  • some glass is curved and not uniform so on rare occasions the inside surface will be deemed not polishable


  • GSS take no responsibility for damage that may occur during transport and courier of glass
  • GSS take no responsibility for damage that may occur during the polishing process
  • The finish of our polishing will be at least to the Visual Standard as defined by The Glass & Glazing Federation (PDF can be downloaded)


“The glass roof panels on my Porsche Macan were severely scratched after driving into an incomplete opened garage door, incredibly and with much relief the scratches were polished out in a few hours. Thanks Team Vetrox”

V, Ash.

Porsche Macan

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